Press Release

Synaptics’s AudioSmart USB-C Codec gets Earns THX Certification

Synaptics Incorporated, the leading developer of human interface solutions, today announced its AudioSmart CX21988-THX is the industry’s first USB-C audio codec solution to achieve THX Approval. By offering a THX Approved USB-C audio codec, Synaptics can supply OEMs with an important building block that affords a significant head start in the development of THX Certified headphones and headsets, mobile gaming devices and other personal audio devices. THX, founded by filmmaker George Lucas in 1983, is a globally recognized assurance of uncompromising quality, consistency and performance.

“The key to developing a great sounding set of headphones, especially ones capable of accurately reproducing the engineered sound field of a mix, is utilizing a winning combination of professional-grade components,” said Peter Vasay, Senior Vice President, Technology and Operations, THX. “The Synaptics AudioSmart CX21988-THX USB-C codec impressed us, as it supports high-resolution audio with best-in-class headphone performance, and boasts ultra-low distortion, and tuning options to greatly improve the performance of connected transducers. We believe it to be the ideal foundation for the development of THX Certified headphones.”


“The AudioSmart CX21988-THX is our first crystal-free, low-power codec for USB type-C applications that supports high-resolution audio. Having it certified by THX for its performance and quality, serves as validation of the significant engineering that went into making this single-chip solution ideal for providing an immersive listening experience on high-fidelity headphones and headsets,” said Saleel Awsare, vice president and general manager, Audio and Imaging Business, Synaptics.

To earn the THX certified rating, THX engineers completed hundreds of measurements and tests focusing on frequency response, audio output vs distortion, and ability to accurately reproduce the complexity of the engineered sound field. Having met or exceeded THX’s strict requirements, manufacturers can rest assured that the AudioSmart CX21988-THX USB-C codec will enable headphones and mobile gaming devices to reproduce professionally engineered audio to the industry’s highest standards.

The CX21988-THX is a low-power, highly-integrated, low-cost, crystal-free, single-chip solution that is ideal for immersive, high-resolution headphone applications. Additionally, it adds five-band equalization for easy tuning of audio products. With an ultra-compact form factor measuring a tiny 3mm x 3.3mm, the CX21988-THX chip minimizes needed PCB area and material costs, allowing for more flexibility in overall headphone and headset designs.