Some Ryzen 5 1600/X buyers have found their 6-core CPU has 8 cores

Some folks who’ve bought Ryzen 5 1600 or 1600X processors have found that their chips have two more cores than expected, which can only be described as a massive win on the CPU lottery.

These CPUs should have six cores and 12 threads, but reports on Korean forums (spotted by Wccftech) say some users have found they have eight cores (and 16 threads) out of the box.

The processors still run at the clock speeds quoted for the 1600X and 1600, but come with a pair of extra cores. And in the case of the former, the unlocked 1600X has the same clock speed as the 8-core 1800X, so buyers are effectively getting a much cheaper version of the latter (there are some other differences, though, like more cache in the flagship chip).


Sources: WCCFtechtechradarRigred


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