SilverStone Products Now on PC Building Simulator

UK based independent game publisher, The Irregular Corporation, is delighted to announce that specialist gaming PC component manufacturer, SilverStone Technology, has joined the PC Building Simulator project as a partner.

In PC Building Simulator, players will be free to encase their parts in SilverStone’s uniquely designed small form factor, HTPC, and tower cases from the classic RAVEN / Fortress series, the recently released Primera / Redline series, and the iconic Temjin TJ07 / TJ11 cases. These virtual rigs can also be powered with a PSU from the Strider Platinum, Essential and Strider Titanium Series. Once all the pieces are in place, players can keep their creation from overheating with a range of purpose-built air or liquid CPU coolers from application specific Nitrogon series to premium Heligon and Tundra series.

“We are delighted to partner up with The Irregular Corporation in bringing many of our most loved products into the PC Building Simulator. We have one of the largest retail PC cases and PSU lineup on the market, but many users often don’t have the resources to try them all in real life. Now with this simulator, enthusiasts can finally get to experience all of the delights (and challenges) that come with building PCs with SilverStone’s famed product designs!” said Teresa Chang, Vice President of SilverStone Technology.

PC Building Simulator puts players in the shoes of a professional PC builder. From their workshop, they are free to build a range of monster rigs kitted out with authentic parts from real hardware manufacturers. SilverStone is the latest to partner with the exciting project, adding its products to PC Building Simulator’s large array of accurately rendered components, motherboards, GPUs, and CPUs.

In this simulation every component works as it should in real life, giving players the freedom to experiment with builds without the worry that goes with handling expensive components. Fully animated installations highlight where everything slots in, allowing players to eventually become comfortable with the custom building process before heading out to buy their custom parts to create a real PC.


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