Rumor: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti to be frequency-locked!!

NVIDIA is launching its new GTX 1070 Ti graphics card on October 26th.

Eteknix and Expreview reports, that there say that there will be no reference card and only cutom cards, they will be locked to the same frequency running at 1607/1683 MHz clocks (base and boost respectively). The frequency cannot be changed by board partners.


An industry insider told eTeknix that the GTX 1070 Ti can’t be overclocked. In addition, we’ve been informed that NVIDIA will not release any reference cards and all AIB partner cards will be locked to the same speeds. However, price and aesthetics are expected to differ across partner cards.

Expreview (machine translation):

NVIDIA will be fully unified market GTX 1070 Ti frequency, that is, regardless of which you buy a GTX 1070 Ti their frequency will be fixed at 1607MHz-1683MHz , if you want to be stronger performance only Can be manual overclocking, for non-hardware enthusiasts are not friendly, or graphics card manufacturers have to surprise, such as get a software overclocking to avoid restrictions on NVIDIA.


Source: Eteknix  and Expreview


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