NVIDIA Reportedly Moving Ampere to 7 nm TSMC in 2021

A report straight from DigiTimes claims that NVIDIA is looking to upgrade their Ampere consumer GPUs from Samsung’s 8 nm to TSMC’s 7 nm.

There is a big shortage on Nvidia 3000 Series graphic cards as we have reportet here , Samsung can’t produce the GPUs quick enough,  the report  says NVIDIA will be moving a large chunk of wafer fabrication to TSMC.

— Digitimes (online translated) —

It has also been reported that NVIDIA’s previous annual masterpiece RTX 30 series uses Samsung Electronics’ 8nm process at a considerable OEM discount, but will switch to TSMC’s 7nm process in 2021. The order volume is not less. The reason for NVIDIA’s transfer of orders is that TSMC’s 7nm offer is relatively close to the people, and the other is that it has previously planned to diversify risks to deal with Samsung’s 8nm yield problem. The NVIDIA 7nm large order is also one of TSMC’s important customers to maintain high-end 7nm capacity utilization in 2021.

Source: DigiTimes Via TPU