Nvidia May Produce ARM CPUs in the Future

Taken from Tom’s Hardware … According to comments from Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang during a conference call yesterday, we could see Nvidia-branded CPUs in the future, setting the stage for a new level of competition with Intel and AMD.

Nvidia’s announcement yesterday of its blockbuster $40 billion ARM acquisition sent shockwaves through the semiconductor market, and many questions remain about how the two companies can merge their portfolios without alienating or competing with current ARM licensees – particularly when it comes to building CPUs. There’s been plenty of speculation that Nvidia won’t create its own CPUs at all, instead merely using its stewardship of ARM to foster a more healthy ARM server ecosystem that can leverage Nvidia’s GPUs tied together with CUDA and its Mellanox-derived networking stack.

However, during yesterday’s briefing, Timothy Prickett Morgan from TheNextPlatform asked Jensen Huang, “Will you actually take an implementation of something like Neoverse first and make an Nvidia-branded CPU to drive it into the data center? Will you actually make the reference chip for those who just want it and actually help them run it?”

Source: Tom’s Hardware