Rumor and Leak

Intel “Cannon Lake” Could get AVX-512 Instruction-set

A new update to the Intel document for software developers (read here pdf ) indicates that the company will begin to introduce various AVX-512 instruction set extensions to its consumer CPUs soon.

The upcoming “Cannon Lake” mainstream silicon will feature AVX512F, AVX512CD, AVX512DQ, AVX512BW, and AVX512VL instructions, and will support AVX512_IFMA and AVX512_VBMI commands, making it a slightly broader implementation of AVX-512 than the “Skylake-SP” silicon. The new AVX-512 will vastly improve performance of compute-intensive applications that take advantage of it. It will also be a key component of future security standards. Techpowerup


Source: Techpowerup and anandtech