GIGABYTE Partners with Cavium to Deliver New ARM Server Solutions

GIGABYTE Technology, a leading producer of high-performance server hardware, and Cavium, Inc., a leading provider of semiconductor products that enable intelligent processing for enterprise, data center, cloud, wired and wireless networking, today announced production availability of GIGABYTE’s Arm server platforms, based on ThunderX2 SoC product family.

GIGABYTE, with its award-winning product portfolio, has long been recognized in the industry as a leader in design and innovation. With a broad offering of commercially-available Arm-based server solutions, GIGABYTE continues to demonstrate engineering expertise in system-level integration. Through its world-wide presence, GIGABYTE is uniquely positioned to accelerate the adoption and deployment of ThunderX2-based systems into the cloud and hyperscale data center applications.


GIGABTYE’s R181 series is a 1U platform with dual-socket ThunderX2 compute node with best-in-class throughput, memory configuration and capacity. The chassis has multiple PCIe expansion slots and can support up to 12 SAS 12Gb/s SSD. The R181 is an ideal solution for applications that need cost-effective, high-performance compute platforms.

GIGABTYE’s R281 series is a 2U platform with dual-socket ThunderX2 compute node with best-in-class throughput, memory configuration and capacity. The chassis has multiple PCIe expansion slots and support for up to 24 SSD. The R281 is designed to address the requirements of the most demanding applications in cloud computing, virtualization and hyper-converged storage.

“GIGABYTE first began working with Cavium on ThunderX2-based platforms late last year. We have developed and shipped a broad range of platforms to customers,” said Andy Chen, Vice President of Research and Development, GiGABYTE Technology. “Our entire portfolio of production systems are now available for order and we are taking orders for production platforms to customers. We are seeing a strong demand for these platforms and we expect the demand to further accelerate in 2018.”

“ThunderX2, our second-generation, 64-bit Armv8 server processor family, reaffirms our continued leadership to innovate in the server industry by combining high-performance, custom Arm cores with flexible I/Os and large memory bandwidth.” said Surya Hotha, Director of Product Marketing, Data Center Processor Group at Cavium. “GIGABYTE partnered with us closely to deliver cost-effective platforms in different form factors targeting diverse cloud and high-performance compute (HPC) workloads. Both R281 and R181 platforms can be scaled to meet the growing capacity requirements of next-generation cloud data centers.”

The ThunderX2 product family is Cavium’s second-generation, 64-bit Armv8-A server processor SoC for the data center, cloud and high-performance computing applications. The family integrates high-performance custom cores supporting single- and dual-socket configurations. ThunderX2 is optimized to drive high computational performance, delivering outstanding memory bandwidth and memory capacity. The new line of ThunderX2 processors includes multiple SKUs for both scale up and scale out applications and is fully compliant with Armv8-A architecture specifications, as well as Arm’s SBSA and SBBR standards. It is also widely supported by industry leading OS, hypervisor and software tool and application vendors.

GIGABYTE R181(1U) and R281(2U) ThunderX2 servers are available to order.


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