Press Release

Enermax Increases Warranty to 5 Years for all AIO Coolers Bought After February 1st 2021

ENERMAX Technology Corporation, a world-renowned PC Power Supply Unit manufacturer and maker of peripherals such as chassis, coolers, fans, and storage solutions. For 30 years, Enermax has been working relentlessly based on the beliefs of “Technology Innovation” and “Quality First” as our mission. We thank you for adopting our AIO CPU water coolers to work with your high-end desktop platforms and process heavy-duty applications.

In keeping with our commitment of “Technology Innovation” and “Quality First” as our mission, Enermax will increase its original warranty up to 5 years on our AIO CPU cooling products with purchase made on or after February 1st, 2021 in North America. It is an appreciation to our loyal customers throughout the years and our strong confidence in our AIO coolers to withstand continuous usage throughout the years.

For all Enermax AIO CPU cooling products purchases made before February 1st, 2021, they will be covered under Enermax’s current 2-Year warranty.
However, Enermax also offers a 1-year extended warranty to any users who register their products with the company.

Source: Enermax