Press Release

Enermax Announces The LIQMAX III 240 AIO ARGB Liquid CPU Cooler

ENERMAX, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance PC hardware, announces the new 240mm version of the LIQMAX III ARGB series in Europe. The new model features a 240mm radiator and complements the 360mm model. The LIQMAX III 240 ARGB is designed to sync with compatible RGB mainboards to control lighting via the mainboard software. Two fans and a water block with ARGB lighting enable the creation of spectacular rainbow effects. A suitable mounting system for current AMD and Intel sockets including AM4 and LGA 1200 is of course included.

The LIQMAX III ARGB All-in-One CPU liquid cooler with RGB lighting. The water block with its acrylic look is equipped with the Aurabelt design, which provides brilliant lighting effects. LIQMAX III ARGB supports addressable RGB synchronization with motherboards that have 4-pin addressable (5V/Data/-/GND). Thanks to ENERMAX’s patented Dual-Chamber Design, Central Coolant Inlet (CCI) and Shunt-Channel Technology (SCT) the cooler achieves faster heat transfer and extended lifetime. The RGB fans with dual-convex blades are optimized for radiators and generate high static pressure to drive heat out of the cooling fins. The LIQMAX III ARGB is an excellent cooler for gaming cases that do not want to miss RGB lighting.


  • Dual-Chamber Water Block keeps the pump cool and extends the life of the cooler
  • Central Coolant Inlet Design for  faster heat transfer
  • Aurabelt Water Block with addressable RGB LEDs
  • Dual-Convex Blade fans with ARGB LEDs at the fan hub
  • Woven multi-layer polyamide rubber tubes
  • Intel socket LGA1200 and AMD socket AM4 support

LIQMAX III 240 ARGB [ELC-LMT240-ARGB]: 86,90 € Manufacturer MSRP incl. VAT.