EK lancerer Full Cover water blok for AMD® Radeon® RX Vega baserede grafikkort!

“EK Water Blocks, the Slovenia-based premium computer liquid cooling gear manufacturer has proven its market leadership once again by presenting Full Cover water blocks for the long awaited AMD® Radeon® Vega architecture based high-end graphics cards. Customers will be able to transform their GPU into a stunningly beautiful single slot graphics card and the water cooling block will allow it to reach higher frequencies, thus providing more performance during gaming or other GPU intense tasks.

EK-FC Radeon Vega
This water block directly cools the GPU, HBM2 memory, and VRM (voltage regulation module) as water flows directly over these critical areas thus allowing the graphics card and it’s VRM to remain stable under high overclocks. EK-FC Radeon Vega water block features a central inlet split-flow cooling engine design for best possible cooling performance, which also works flawlessly with reversed water flow without adversely affecting the cooling performance. This kind of efficient cooling will allow your high-end graphics card to reach higher boost clocks, thus providing more performance during gaming or other GPU intense tasks. Moreover, such design offers great hydraulic performance allowing this product to be used in liquid cooling systems using weaker water pumps.

The base of the block is made of electrolytic copper (bare- or nickel-plated, depending on the variant) while the top is made of either acrylic- or POM Acetal material. Plexi variants also feature two pre-drilled slots for 3mm LED lights. Screw-in brass standoffs are pre-installed and allow for safe, painless installation procedure.



EK-FC Radeon Vega water blocks with bare copper base; EK-FC Radeon Vega and Radeon Vega – Acetal


EK-FC Radeon Vega water blocks with Nickel-plated copper base; EK-FC Radeon Vega – Nickel and EK-FC Radeon Vega – Acetal+Nickel

EKWB recommends the purchase of aesthetic retention backplate which improves the looks of your graphics cards and also provides some passive cooling to the VRM circuit board. The EK-FC Radeon Vega water block is compatible with both Nickel and Black versions of the EK-FC Radeon Vega Backplates. The EK-FC Radeon Vega water block is also compatible with the factory backplates of all Radeon Vega based graphics cards.

The block also features a special plastic cover over the block Terminal. This add-on is designed to reveal the Radeon logo, visible from the side. EK also encloses a single-slot I/O bracket which replaces the original two-slot in order to make installation of multiple graphics cards easier and also transforms the GPU into a gorgeous single slot solution.

EK-FC Radeon Vega water block is compatible with multiple AMD® Radeon® Vega graphics cards series (see the Compatibility list):

  • Radeon Vega Frontier Edition
  • Radeon RX Vega 64
  • Radeon RX Vega 56


Availability and pricing

These water blocks and backplates are made in Slovenia, Europe, and are available for pre-order through EK Webshop and Partner Reseller Network. All EK-FC Radeon Vega pre-orders will start shipping Monday, 14th of August, 2017!

Name MSRP (incl. VAT)
EK-FC Radeon Vega 109.95€
EK-FC Radeon Vega – Acetal 109.95€
EK-FC Radeon Vega – Nickel 119.95€
EK-FC Radeon Vega – Acetal+Nickel 119.95€
EK-FC Radeon Vega Backplate – Nickel 37.95€
EK-FC Radeon Vega Backplate – Black 29.95€



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