Edifier Launches Their Elegant S2000 Pro Speakers

Edifier, a leading global designer and manufacturer of award-winning audio systems has brought cutting edge sound technology to a classic style with its latest 2.0 speaker. Edifier’s S2000 Pro pays tribute to speakers from the past with its elegant wood side panelling, however the components inside are state-of-the-art high-end audio. From new electro-acoustic technology to a specialty tweeter and woofer, and four on-board equalizer settings the S2000 Pro elevates the listening experience across all music genres.

The S2000 Pro features a rich low-distorted flat diaphragm tweeter. This flat diaphragm provides a fast response rate that gives benefits such as excellent high frequencies that lower tiered bookshelf speakers do not provide. An aluminium cone woofer with Digital Sound Processing digital electronic crossover makes sounds unique and clear with high-strength, low-distortion and achieves incredibly loud and heavy bass.

The S2000 Pro uses three professional digital amplifier chips for producing the best sound in its class. The TAS5754 from Texas Instruments run independently from each other ensuring they do not cause interference while running their respective purpose. The first chip is in control of treble and bass, respectively driving both speakers. The second chip runs strictly the woofers of the S2000Pro using a PBTL (parallel to the bridge) connection which helps build power reserves. The last TAS5754 is dedicated to the amplifier output frequency of 768KHz. With the dedicated chip these speakers are fully optimize to reduce high frequency distortion and local noise.

The 18mm thick wood side panels on the S2000 Pro reduce the resonance and highlight aspects of audio design that have never been heard before. Each panel has been painstakingly precision cut from much thicker sheets of wood; – then gone through multiple polishing and smoothing processes to achieve the lustrous final product. A matt black front panel and metallic silver surface grille complete the classic aesthetic design.

Change the sound of your speakers at the press of a button. The S2000Pro has four on-board Equalizer settings: vocal, monitor, classic, and dynamic. The vocal setting pairs perfectly for watching TV.

The S2000Pro comes with a professional wireless remote control for easy volume control and input selection. Also included is a unique five-pin connector made by Edifier which separates treble and bass signal transmission, as well as reduces interference.. Audio can be streamed via Bluetooth 4.0 or connected by optical/coaxial or 3.5mm AUX cables.


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