Press Release

Be Quiet! Intros Ryzen Threadripper Mounting Kits for Silent Loop Coolers

Be Quiet!, the market leader in PC power supplies in Germany for eleven consecutive years, introduces new Silent Loop All-in-One water cooler mounting kits designed for AMD’s high-end TR4 desktop socket and Ryzen Threadripper processors.

With radiator sizes including 120 mm, 240 mm, 280 mm and 360 mm, be quiet!’s Silent Loop offers a premium choice for high-end system builders focusing on whisper-quiet systems and power-users who want to squeeze every bit of performance out of their overclocked CPU. All metal parts from Silent Loop’s cooling block to radiator and fittings are made out of copper, guaranteeing durability and preventing electrochemical corrosion when exposed to liquids. Furthermore the cooling block’s large, square cooling area is a great fit for Ryzen Threadripper.


Innovative reverse-flow pump and high-quality built
The Silent Loop All-in-One water cooling system comes with a decoupled pump designed to reverse the liquid cooling circuit. Liquid is drawn in from the outside over the cold plate and then transported through a second layer on the inside of the radiator. This innovative design operates the pump at 2,200 revolutions per minute, lessening vibration and noise better than other conventional All-in-One coolers. To achieve the best cooling performance, be quiet! delivers Silent Loop with a black-coated, full copper radiator. With a nickel-plated underside, the cooler base facilitates the use of metallic liquid thermal grease instead of regular thermal grease, improving heat conductivity between CPU and cooler. be quiet! also integrates a refill port for proper coolant leveling after prolonged use, preserving continuous performance and low noise levels.

The AMD TR4 (Threadripper) Mounting Kit for be quiet! Silent Loop is available now at resellers at an MSRP of €8.50.