ASUS Drops Support for AMD Ryzen 5000 Series CPUs on X470 Motherboards

Will there be Ryzen 5000 series CPUs on Asus motherboards based on X470 and B450 chipset or not !!!?!?

A consumer asked ASUS if they plan to update the Crosshair VII Hero X470 motherboard to support for AMD’s upcoming Ryzen 5000 series CPUs, the answear is below:

“ASUS Support

Thank you for contacting ASUS Product Support.My name is John L. and it’s my pleasure to help you with your problem.

I am writing this email to provide you an update about your ongoing case. According to our engineers, We have no plans for the Crosshair VII Hero to support the Ryzen 5900X, please purchase Crosshair VIII Hero and any Ass B550 motherboard that will support Ryzen 5900X and 5000 series processors. Do you have feedback that you would like to share about your experience with our CEO? We’d love to hear about it!”

You can check out the full Reddit thread here. It appears that ASUS recommends users that they upgrade to new motherboards and that there will be no support of AMD’s Ryzen 5000 CPU series on 400 series chipset on their motherboards.

Source: Reddit via TPU