Apple Preparing to Launch First ARM-Powered MacBook Next Month

TSMC’s 5 nm node is talk of 2020. Having already matured their 7nm for AMD, they’ve got plenty of new technologies lined up for 2021 and beyond.

Taken from TPU … Apple announced plans to transition their Mac lineup to in-house ARM-based processors earlier this year. This decision came as a result of Apple’s dependence on Intel for new processors each year and their recent underwhelming improvements. The upcoming 12 core chip is expected to be manufactured on TSMC’s 5 nm node which should deliver significant power savings and performance. Apple has been working to optimize macOS and first party applications for the new processors along with sending out developer transition kits to hopefully ensure major software is supported at launch. The processor is rumored to debut in an upcoming 13-inch MacBook Pro or a new MacBook Air and should launch at a dedicated event in November according to a recent report by Bloomberg.

Source: TPUBloomberg