AMD to launch 12nm Ryzen in February 2018, says mobo makers

Motherboards manufacturers has got a updated roadmap from AMD that confirms, that 12nm LP Pinnacle CPUs is coming in February 2018, this rumour is comming from DigiTimes.



“The company will initially release the CPUs codenamed Pinnacle 7, followed by mid-range Pinnacle 5 and entry-level Pinnacle 3 processors in March 2018, the sources disclosed. AMD is also expected to see its share of the desktop CPU market return to 30% in the first half of 2018.”


Their corresponding chipsets, the 400 series, will also become available in March 2018 with X470- or B450-based motherboards to be the first to hit the store shelves. The chipsets are still designed by ASMedia and its orders for the chipsets are expected to grow dramatically starting January 2018.



Source: DigiTimes


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