AMD Bundles Far Cry 5 with Select Pre-Built Radeon-Powered Systems

AMD is partnering with Ubisoft to give away free copies of Far Cry 5 to consumers who buy a pre-built system powered by a Radeon RX Vega 64, RX Vega 56 or Radeon RX 580 graphics card.

List of Participating Vendors by Region

  • APJ: Capital, Centrecom, Centralfield, Com 1, Compulounge, Computer Alliance, Compuzone, CoolPC,,, MSY, Mwave, Origin PC, PB Tech, PCCG, Playtech, PLE, Scorptec, Sinya,, Syzom, Thrid Wave, Tsukumo, Umart, Unitcom,,,,,,,,
  • EMEA: Acord, Action S. A., Akortek Bilisim, Alternate,, Arlt Computer Produckte, Bora Computer, Box LTD, Brain, Caseking, Casper, CCL Computers, Citilink, CSL, CT Computers, Czech Computer, DC Link, Decision Logic LTd/Chillblast, DNS, Domisys/, ECT Service, Evetech, Ewe, F-Center, Fierce PC Limited, Grosbill, Groupe LDLC, Hyrican, Inet, Jimms PC Store, Komputronik, Links, Microtron, MIFCOM,, Most, Mustek Limited, NEOLOGIC, NEXT, NXPOWER, OCUK Limited, OLDI, Online Trade, PC Componentes y Multimedia, PC DIGA, PC SPECIALIST, Rue du Commerce, Scan Computers International, Source IT, T.S. Bohemia, Tradeicbel, Ulmart, Uspex Pro, Vatan, WAVE Distribution and Computersystems, WinWin/ALTI, Wootware, X-KOM
  • Latin America: Army Tech, Compra Gamer, Daten, Formigari, Full Hard, Ghia, Lanix, PC Factory, Pichau, Positivo, Terabyteshop, Vorago
  • North America: AVADirect, CyberPower PC, Cybertron PC, Digital Storm, Extreme PC, Falcon NW, IBuyPower, Maingear, OriginPC, Puget Systems, Velocity Micro, Xidax, Xotic

Source: AMD


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