Press Release

Alphacool Releases New 14 mm Eiszapfen HardTube Connectors

Alphacool is expanding its portfolio with the new 14 mm Eiszapfen HardTube connectors. As with all Eiszapfen connections, the paint on these Eiszapfen is applied with a special chromate coating, making them particularly scratch-resistant. For sealing Alphacool uses three O-rings for this connection, which also ensure a high tensile strength. The connections are compatible to all HardTubes with an outer diameter of 14 mm. The connections are available in the colours black and chrome. In addition to the individually available connections, there are also sets of 6 connections. The connectors have a total height of 22.2 mm with a thread length of 5 mm and a diameter of 22 mm which is very compact.


  • L x D: 22,2 x 22 mm
  • Thread: G1/4″
  • Thread length: 5 mm
  • Material: Brass


  • Eiszapfen 14 mm HardTube black – 4,79€
  • Eiszapfen 14 mm HardTube chrome – 4,79€
  • Eiszapfen 14 mm HardTube 6pcs box black – 21,39€
  • Eiszapfen 14 mm HardTube 6pcs box chrome – 21,39€

Source: Alphacool