A Bot Bought Dozens of RTX 3080 Graphic Cards Before Consumers Could at Launch

Taken from PCMag … PC gamers everywhere tried and failed to buy Nvidia’s RTX 3080 graphics card today as units quickly sold out. But not everyone came up empty.

A group of resellers scored the RTX 3080 ahead of average consumers, thanks to an automated bot, which was capable of ordering dozens of units from Nvidia’s website instantly.

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The resellers have been taking to social media to praise the bot’s creator, Bounce Alerts, a group devoted to helping its members score early access to retail products, such as sneakers, so they can be resold at higher prices.

Based on the social media posts, the bot was able to help one reseller score 42 units of the RTX 3080 from Nvidia’s website before stock ran out. Other resellers tweeted images, showing they managed to successfully place orders for over a dozen units.

PCMag spoke to an admin of Bounce Alerts, who confirmed the group offered an automated bot to help members purchase the RTX 3080 units on launch day. For $75 a month, members get access to bots and other information to help them quickly buy retail items from companies and resell them.

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Source: PCMag